About Us

Sentinel Air Medical Alliance is an alliance of healthcare payors established in response to the rapid escalation of air medical transport rates. Many payors find it difficult to effectively control rates for air transport, which are known to be egregiously high in most areas of the country. From the payor's perspective, there are two key factors affecting these rates:

1. Our population is very mobile; therefore, your covered person may be in a region served by a provider with which you have no rate agreement.

2. Because of the emergent nature of most transports, you often do not have the opportunity to negotiate a rate prior to service.

Our company is led by a team of professionals who have over twenty years' experience in the payor and the air medical provider segments of the healthcare industry.

Additionally, we help payors develop an understanding of the provider market so they can avoid some of the expensive pitfalls associated with air medical transports.

If you have any questions about our service or the air medical transport industry, please drop us a line at info@sentinelairmedicalalliance.com or call (800) 763-4069.

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